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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A group of honors students at Green Valley High School in Henderson, Nevada is planning a trip to tour the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus. The teacher organizing the trip needs to arrange transportation for 30 students plus chaperones. She decides to book a charter bus rental in Henderson to handle the roundtrip transportation. For a day-long rental of a 40 passenger bus with A/C, TVs, and WiFi, she is quoted $1,650 total. This covers pickup and dropoff at the high school, plus stops at UNLV and for lunch. With 40 seats, it comes out to only $55 per person for a full day of transportation in a charter bus. The teacher adds on a 10% driver tip, bringing the total to $1,815. Charter bus rentals offer an affordable and comfortable transportation option for school field trips to places like UNLV.

Example #2:

Looking to host a corporate event in Henderson? Consider chartering a bus. For example, the HR manager at a large Henderson company wants to plan a team outing to foster camaraderie. She decides to take her 25-person department to the Neon Museum and Mob Museum. To keep the group together, she charters a 28-passenger minibus for a full day. The charter bus picks them up at 9 AM from their Henderson office and takes them directly to the museums. After exploring the museums, they grab dinner together at a restaurant on Fremont Street. At the end of the night, the charter bus brings them safely back to the office by 9 PM. For this 12-hour charter, the cost comes out to $1,320, which covers the vehicle, driver, and fuel. With 25 people, it averages to just $53 per person. The HR manager tips the driver 10% for excellent service, bringing the total to $1,452. Chartering a bus provides effortless transportation for a company team outing.

Example #3:

A high school football team in Henderson is heading to the state championships in Las Vegas. The coach wants to arrange transportation for the team and coaches that is comfortable, safe, and allows the players to bond during the 4 hour drive. He decides to book a charter bus that can seat 56 people so there is plenty of room to spread out. The charter company quotes him $150 per hour, and he needs the bus from 6am-6pm to allow for traffic and stops. That comes out to $1,800 for the day. The coach is happy with the quote because it allows the whole team to travel together, and he won’t have to coordinate multiple smaller vehicles and drivers. The charter bus has amenities like TVs, WiFi, and power outlets to keep the team entertained during the drive. For a long trip like this, the coach plans to tip the driver 10% or $180 at the end for providing excellent service. Altogether, the charter bus rental will cost $1,980 for the all-day trip, which works out to only about $35 per person.

Example #4:

A group of friends are planning a day trip from Henderson to Hoover Dam. There are 12 people going, and they want a fun and comfortable ride. They decide to rent a 14 passenger party bus. The company quotes them $150 per hour, with a 5 hour minimum. So their total rental cost comes to $750. They are getting picked up at 8am in Henderson, and will get dropped off back there around 6pm after a full day of sightseeing. With taxes and fees, their total comes to $850. The group chips in to tip their driver 15%, adding $127.50. So the grand total for their Hoover Dam day trip party bus rental from Henderson is $977.50, which divided 12 ways comes out to just $81.46 per person.

Example #5:

A couple is getting married in Henderson and they want to provide convenient transportation for their 100 wedding guests. Since the ceremony and reception are at different venues across the city, they decide to rent a charter bus in Henderson for the day to shuttle guests between events. They choose a 56 passenger charter bus and reserve it for 10 hours, from 11am when guests start arriving for the 1pm ceremony until 9pm when the reception ends. At a rate of $150 per hour, their Henderson charter bus rental costs $1,500 for the day. They also tip their driver 10% at $150 for excellent service, bringing their total to $1,650. With 100 guests, this works out to only $16.50 per person for continuous transportation at their wedding in Henderson.

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